Bake with Me

Bake with Me

Bake with Me and Make Your Home Smile!


My name is Cyndi Boyer and I am the founder/owner of Moms in Slippers.

One of the many gazillion things I love doing is decorating for the harvest season!  I also love to bake all kinds of amazing goodies.  I love this vibrant, beautiful and most wonderful time of year; Harvest.  I love everything about autumn.  I also love to bake and can’t wait to share my homemade recipes for you.

This is site for and all about you.  Everything I do will be to help make your life a lot brighter and a little easier.

I enjoy baking immensely for my family and even though my boys, Bj and Todd, don’t really eat a lot of sweets anymore, my husband does and so as long as he’s gobbling up my home baked goods,  I will continue to pour out my heart into everything that I bake!  I hope you enjoy all that I share with you because it comes from my heart!

Let’s bake!



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