Birthing You

Birthing You As You Celebrate Life!


Birthing you is all about birthing, growing, managing and promoting any business you decide to build using the gifts that were placed in you.

Starting any business is an exciting time in your life.  When I joined Celebrating Home years ago, I was excited and ready to take my business to the next level before I got started! Well, it takes time to build and grow any business and of course it takes work.  With Celebrating Home our products always seem to sell themselves especially our lovely scented votive and soy candles. I found myself working and enjoying every second of being a Designer with Celebrating Home and the hard work that I spoke about, it was sheer fun and a welcoming time in my life.

With the Christmas season quickly traveling up the road, now is a great time to start a Celebrating Home career.  You can work from home and enjoy all kinds of bonuses.  Freedom to be your own boss and doing things your way.  Flexibility to work the hours you choose to work.  You can be home for your children.  You can be home for yourself because as a mother, there are ten millions things that you have to do without adding to the list of having to work outside the home for someone else.

I promise you’ll love this wonderful work at home opportunity.  There is nothing quite like being your own boss. There’s no feeling like being at home when your sweet little babies get home from school and then just think for a moment, you don’t have to put your baby in daycare all day.  You can take care of your own precious pearl and give he/she the attention and all the love they deserve.  What a great feeling along with a true sense of security for you and your family.  How great is that?



You can share the Celebrating Home opportunity with your family and friends.  Yeah, go ahead and get them involved and watch how much you’re going to impact lives.  Are you ready?  I’m here to help you get started and for just $39 to join, now is the perfect time to get your foot in the door and work your very own business in the comfort of your very own home.  Life is sweet.  Taste it and love it.



If you’d like to find out more about the amazing work at home opportunity, visit my site


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