It’s a Celebration &

A Sweet Tale of Christmas Love

Cupcakes for Jesus at Christmas

Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ

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Image result for hot cocoaWant to start a new family Christmas tradition or maybe add an ornament of grace to your existing Christmas tradition? your children will never forget.  A tradition that will live in their hearts forever?  Cupcakes for Jesus is a special story that celebrates the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is that sweet aroma coming from your kitchen.  Cupcakes for Jesus is love pouring from your heart.  It is good cheer.  This amazing story is warmth and it is love.

Cupcakes for Jesus is your gift to your family that they will forever cherish.  It is a tale of goodness, and precious moments you will treasure.  When you read Cupcakes for Jesus to your children you will be giving them a gift they will hold in the cups of their hearts always and forever. 

It’s Christmas Eve.  Bake the brownies and make the hot cocoa. Ge the blankets ready.  Now, call the kids and gather around the fireplace! It’s time to create that feeling of warmth and love emanating from your heart to theirs when you read Cupcakes for Jesus!

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Merry Christmas!