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Dreaming and Achieving

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My work at home dream became a reality when I started my work from home business.  When I thought about starting my own work-at-home business, I knew that I had the potential to be a successful work-at-home mom who could build a solid work from home career.  Working for someone else for the rest of my life just wasn’t in my future and it wasn’t appealing to me at all.

I had a great skill set that included typing and transcribing.  I had taken a medical terminology course about 27 years ago and since I was an excellent speller that course came in handy when I decided to open the doors to my own typing business.  In September 2002 Magic Fingers Typing Services was birthed and I was onto something big, but it didn’t last long and only because I quickly longed for something more after typing dissertations and terms papers for students and professors.  I longed for greatness.

I didn’t know that there was something brewing deep inside me that had to be birthed.  I discovered that greatness in 2003 and started creating coloring pages for children.  From there I began making gift boxes for children.  Angel On My Shoulder was born and I loved it.  I also became the happy owner of Treasures of His Grace Christian Gifts which still thrives today.  I began making gift baskets and it took off immediately.  It was an enormous hit.

And now I am the owner of Cyndi’s Light Work Designs, Coloring Your Canvas with Light and Purpose.  I taught myself how to design using a software program that I stumbled upon back in 2003 and have been using that same software since that time and I love it.  It seems I am still scratching the surface, and yet, I have come a long way with  my design skills.  I truly believe that my design talent is a gift from God and I use my skills, wisdom and knowledge to constantly create new masterpieces.  It is my passion and I love using anything God has given me.  Here are just some of my amazing designs.



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