I Love Christmas, Oh My, The Joy it Brings!

Christmasfree-christmas-vectors-24The Love and Joy of Christmas and it’s like a gift to myself.  I love the Christmas season and the warmth and good cheer it delivers into the hearts of people around the globe.  

Every year in July I get bit by the Christmas bug.  This year it hit me even earlier.  May!  It was then that I started my Christmas planning and shopping.  I went on different websites looking for Christmas gifts for my son who is a big Los Angeles Lakers Fan.  I always try my best to get the best sales and I have to say that I do a pretty good job finding those bargains that save me lots of money.  I think my son will really be pleased with the gifts that I got for him this year.  He told me recently that the only thing he wants is a Nikon Camera.  I told him that if I pay $400 for a camera that he’d have to take really good care of it.  He’s 22 so I think I can trust him although I have my doubts! LOLLLLL

My oldest son love Polo.  I will have to really take my time and shop to see if there are any sales out there.  Lord and Taylor usually has a nice collection of Polo and so does Macy’s, but I will have to see if they will be any sales.  I still have plenty of time, but before I know it Christmas will be here.

I’m still thinking what I’m going to purchase for my daughter, her husband and their Christmas-born son.  He’s my first grandchild.  And then there’s my daughter who resides in Maryland with her husband.  I’m not sure what to buy them so I think it will be gifts cards.  This way they can always buy what they want and like.

Christmas Decor

I love Christmas decor.  I have an attic stuffed to the gills with Christmas and Autumn decor.  My husband said I don’t need to buy another thing and I know this is true, but if I see anything that I like on QVC and it is a must have, I will buy it. Look at the picture to the left of this post.  That is just one of the table in my living room that I decorate every Christmas. Isn’t it beautiful.  I just love adding my own unique spin to decorating my home. My sons and husband even love the beautiful home-warming touches that lend a touch of elegance to my home’s Christmas winter wonderland.

Before too long it will be Christmas in July on QVC and in my heart!  I love Christmas and cannot wait until the Season arrives. For me, Christmas is in my heart every day.  I love the joy and warmth the season brings.  

QVC has some great specials going on during their Christmas in July celebration.  Every year I look forward to and simply can’t wait to see what new items they have to offer their audience, of mostly, women shopping early before the Christmas rush begins.  I’m thrilled just knowing that I have this amazing time of year to look forward to.

Christmas Cookies and Goodies

brownies1I can’t wait to bake my brownies and Christmas cookies.  The other day my son and I went to the supermarket to pick up a few things that I needed to make my banana pudding for my husband. Well, Giant had brownie mix by Betty Crocker on sale.  I looked at the price and I said to my B.J., I should buy this brownie mix for Christmas.  He looked at me and smiled and I said, “I’m serious!” and he said, “I know you are Mom!”.  I didn’t buy the brownie mix because I have too many boxes in my cabinet already. Lolllllll.  I thought to myself if I buy the brownie mix now I could bake the brownie and freeze them, but I think it’s still just a little too early to start making brownies for Christmas, but only because it is way too hot to turn on the oven.

Update:  I no longer buy Betty Crocker Brownie Mix because I have discovered another oh so divine brownie mix by Ghiradelli’s!  I love their brownie mix and I stock up whenever it goes on sale. I am all set with my brownie mix. 

As I plan for Christmas 2017, I will be baking my famous peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.  I usually don’t make a large variety of cookies, but this year I am thinking about adding a few new cookie recipes to my baking.  I have an amazing butter cookie recipe that my childhood friend shared with me when we were just teenagers.   I will have to search for this mouth-watering recipe because it is truly phenomenal.  It’s somewhere here in my house and trust me when I tell you that I will find it, I shall find it!

I Love Christmas

Talking being in love and obsessed.  I love Christmas.  I’ve always loved Christmas and the older I get the more I love it.  I love everything about Christmas.  Baking is my favorite thing to do during the season of love.  I also love to write a special Christmas story and this year, I’ve started writing my special Christmas story early.  I have a lot more to write, but I’m overjoyed just knowing that the Christmas story is going to really warm hearts and homes.

My daughters love Christmas as much as I do.  We’ve been on the phone planning and just enjoying preparing for the Christmas Holiday.  My girls love to shop for gifts for our family members and they love to give those gifts with an extra added special touch of inspiration!  Giving is something that has been instilled in us and it is our m.o!  I just don’t know if there’s anything better than giving.  If it is, I have yet to discover it.


Christmas Theme

Every year I have a theme for the Christmas Season.  Last year it was snowmen.  This year will be white and gold and a house full of angels, I think. I’m still pondering it even as I type this post.  I will think of something.  I will be super excited to decorate my home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I always mix the two holidays together during the month of November and then in December it’s everything Christmas; I love it!

As soon as autumn arrives the decorating begins.  This year I think my theme will be red and gold or white and gold.  I will think about it since I have a little time and trust me when I tell you, I’ll think of something.