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Doing Business in Mom’s Office 


Mom’s Office

Mom’s office is a room where inspiration springs forth, business is conducted and clients are welcomed.  

From the bus stop to the office it only takes Mom half a minute to retreat to her office where she will delve into the many welcoming challenges and endless list of tasks that await her on this awesome and amazing journey called her own home-based business.

A journey that has taken mom to new heights with great experiences and never ending rewards of prosperity, success, a great wealth of joy and a depth of contentment that comes from being her own boss, Mom’s office is where it all begins and as a work from home mom, you have it all. Mom’s superior typing, transcribing and designing skills are the tools she needs to start, promote, build and manage a highly successful secretarial service in the comfort of her loving home. Mom’s ability to create a mind blowing powerpoint presentation, exceptional designs that include flyers and brochures, type a 600 page manual and accurately transcribe an in-depth 9 page Gastroenterology medical report within a time-frame that is next to impossible, sets Mom apart from the rest of the world. Mom’s high quality, superior typing, transcribing and designing skills keeps the customers happy and they keep them coming!



Mom’s Office is also equipped with the essential tools to keep her business soaring; passion and handwork! From the busyness of her office, Mom is impacting the world and truly making an enormous difference in the lives of her customers. Her commitment to service, professionalism, dependability, proficiency, and superior customer service has placed Mom in a category all by herself. Mom’s Office is the place she welcomes prospects; a place from which she works to ensure customer satisfaction. Her office is her comfort zone where she is able to achieve her many goals at her pace in her space and she always delivers her customers assignments on time every time!