Is WordPress Right for You

Is WordPress Right for You

You Won’t Know Until You Try

WordPress and my dear friend, Kina. Today was one of those days for me.  Research and more research, but first things first. My Girlfriend Needed My Help In Determining If Her Spa Business Was The Right Work at Home Business for Her.

Today was a busy day for me as are all my days.  I usually drive my Bj to school everyday, but he decided he wasn’t going to attend class today since this is the last week of school. 

A friend called me today very upset because her work at home business is not going as she had hoped.  She had a goal to reach today with her Beauti Control Spa business, but the ladies all called and decided to cancel even though some of them had payed for the spa treatment.  My girlfriend was very discouraged, but I talked her into keeping a highly positive mindset and to move forward with her plans.  Her spa treatment was scheduled for 6:30 pm, but all the ladies decided that they had something more important or pressing to do.  By the time when we hung up the phone she was feeling better.  She texted me to show me how she had setup her home to ensure that the ladies felt welcomed and relaxed.  When I saw the photo she shared with me I told her to act as though the spa treatments were in progress and for her to enjoy the rest of her day.  I told her to stay encouraged and to get excited because great things are about to happen to her and for her business.  She agreed and I continued to encourage her through text messaging since she was spending time with her husband after all of the cancellations.  I told her that sometimes when things happen and when we find ourselves getting upset it’s probably a blessing that things shift and happen in the way that we don’t expect.  I told her to look at it as a blessing. Here’s a picture of how her work at home business looks.

Is wordpress right for you

The Very Powerful WordPress

Why Not Give It a Try to See for Yourself

After speaking with my friend I decided to do some research on Squarespace to see if it would be a good fit for my newest business venture.  I wanted to compare Squarespace with WordPress and Weebly.  I read all about the pros and cons about all three and decided to stay with WordPress. I have used Weebly for a few of my blogs, but I keep going back to WordPress.  I have built multiple websites using WordPress.  Cyndi’s Designs, Rubies in the Garden, Treasures Inside You and God’s Virtuous Women Entrepreneurs.  I love WordPress’ themes.  I have been able to really make them my own by customizing the themes using my own vision. 

WordPress has an extremely steep learning curve, but through trial and error I have mastered this great, but complex website design platform.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out how to use the plugins, menus and all the other great tools WordPress offers.  If you’re thinking about starting your own work at home business I suggest you do your homework to see what website builder is right for you.  You really cannot go wrong with any Squarespace or Weebly as they are great platforms on which you can easily build your website.  They have rich features like drag and drop that is super easy to use.

I hope this information will help you if you decide you want to try building your own website. I hope you will think about WordPress and all it’s richness.  As women, we can do anything and mastering WordPress is just a small part of that anything!


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