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Are you a Suzie Home Maker looking for a legitimate work at home business opportunity?  Do you have dreams of starting and promoting your very own work at home business?  Do you want to work at home for your family, be your own boss, devise the perfect plan to create your daily work schedule and oversee, from start to finish, the day-to-day operations of designing and building a real work at home business that you and your family can be proud?  Let me ask you an important question; Do you know how to type 30 words per minute?  If you do, you could be on your way to a successful home based typing business. 

Be Your Own Boss

My name is Cynthia G. Boyer and I am the founder and owner of Moms in Slippers.  It is my ultimate goal and mission to show, help and teach stay-at-home moms how to become work-at-home moms by working at home in comfort.  This is my passion along with writing and designing.  I love to work in the comfort of my office which is located in my home.  This is how I earn my living and this is where my joy comes from.  Being my own boss has endless benefits that have changed the way I live.  Being a work at home moms has truly allowed me to use my gifts and skill set fully and wholeheartedly.  It has been a highly valuable lesson; a lesson I’ve welcome and appreciate.  Being my own boss has given me the amazing opportunity to incorporate my unique and brilliant ideas into all of my businesses that have helped to shape my every one of my businesses in a way that is both beneficial and long-lasting. Moms in Slippers means working at home in comfort doing what you truly love to do!  When you work at home for yourself you will be able to:

  • Design your own business
  • Create your own schedule
  • Set your own hours
  • Earn as much money as you desire
  • Create the life of your dreams

My Work at Home Dream That Came to Life

I have always wanted to work at home in comfort long before I entered into corporate America.  This has been a dream of mine and this is what brings me an abundance of joy and contentment.

When Moms in Slippers was birthed my plan was to show other stay-at-home moms how to start their own typing and transcribing business so that they can make money at home in comfort.  I chose typing and transcribing because that’s what I was passionate about at the time, but that quickly changed when I discovered and explored the art of graphic design and even though my typing and transcribing business was an enormous success I still wanted something more, something much greater and I found that in writing phenomenal and highly successful ebooks and now I’ve found amazing success with my graphic design business.  I also have a few more new businesses that serves the needs of teenage girls that I will be launching very soon.  You see, we all have gifts and our gifts are accompanied by the never-ending ability to consistently grow our businesses with new ideas.  Like technology which keeps changing and growing, our businesses have the potential to do the same. We can constantly leverage our businesses for success using our gifts and skill set.  As a stay-at-home mom you have the amazing ability to start, grow and manage your very own work at home business.  

My Work from Home Story and Success!

I have been working from home since September 2002 and have enjoyed phenomenal success working as a secretary typing all kinds of documents. I have typed

  • Dissertations
  • Term papers for students
  • Resumes
  • Thank you and follow-up letters
  • Transcribe college professors, doctors. 

The main reason I started my own typing business was because I wanted to be home for my school-aged children with the goal to make money at home in comfort.  It was extremely important for me to be home for my children when they got home from school because I could not bare the thought of them coming home to an empty house everyday.

Other reasons for me starting my own business was this; I knew that I was worth more than I was getting paid every two weeks.  I felt like I was being limited in terms of using my gifts, my talents, my skills and my awesome abilities and when you’re limited in one way it means you will be limited in terms of how much you earn.  There would always be a cap on my salary and my annual evaluations would be minimal as well.   I wanted and knew I  deserved so much more for me and my family.  I wanted to remove the ceiling that was keeping me stuck.  I wanted to explore other options and I wanted to be able to do things my ways and make as much money as I knew I had the potential to make.  I knew that my skill set would allow me to start an amazing home based typing business which was the perfect opportunity for me to work at home in comfort doing what I was good at and I was right.  From typing to writing real life short stories and poetry, I am now a full-time graphic designer and owner of Cyndi’s Light Work Designs.  

Prior to starting my home based typing business I worked as program coordinator for the Internal Medicine Residency Program at the local hospital near my home.  I worked long hours five sometimes six days a week.  I liked the job itself because it was  different from any other job I had worked before.  Every job I have had involved typing.  I typed fast and accurately typing 80 wpm (words per minute) so when I walked away from my job in June of 2002 I decided that a typing business would be an excellent fit for me.  I thought it would be the perfect home based business and it was. 

Once I decided to start my home based typing business I came up a great name; a name that would immediately grab my audience’s attention and a name that would be easy for my potential customers to remember; Magic Fingers Typing Service. When I worked in corporate America, I worked closely with the program director with whom I shared an office.  Even though we shared the office, he only stopped by twice, maybe three times a week to check in with me to make sure everything was running smoothly with the house staff and program.  The program director would ask me to take dictation and his famous words were, “Come on Magic Fingers, it’s time to take dictation’ and that’s how I came up with my name for my typing business.  I loved it and when I started my typing business, it was a no-brainer that I would call my home based typing business Magic Fingers.  It stuck and it worked.   I say this because right after posting my flier at colleges, laundromats and a few other places, my telephone started to ring.  I had opened the door to my own work from home typing business and it was successful right from the start.  I was in business in a matter of just a few days making the kind of money that I could not make working for someone else and even though it should never be about the money, I was content just knowing that I was doing something I loved. 

Develop Your Business & Build Your Brand

When I began developing my typing business I used all the tools that were available to me so starting my typing business was not difficult at all because I had just about everything I needed.  I knew how to type well and accurately and I had all the tools here in my home that I needed to start my business without spending a lot of money.  I had a computer, reams of typing paper, an all-in-one printer/scanner/fax, and telephone.  I did some research on the internet and I read that having a website business could help me to really grow my business so I built my website using Webs.  It didn’t require the knowledge of HTML and it was user-friendly.  There are a lot of companies that offer free website building:

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Weebly
  • Webs

After I finished creating my website, I was ready to open the doors to my typing business.  It was an enormous success right from the beginning. 

Open the doors to your work at home business and make money typing

My first typing assignment was awesome.  I typed a 20-page dissertation and I made $700 in one day.  Right after that I got my next assignment and I made $300.  Immediately after that I accepted a transcribing assignment earning $5,000 in less than three weeks.  It was awesome.  I was sending out emails to professors at various universities which is how I was able to get the transcribing assignment.  You could be doing the same.

One of the Greatest Gifts You Can Give Your Children is Working-from-Home! 

Work at home in comfort and be your own boss.  Are you a stay-at-home looking for a legitimate work at home business? Do you have dreams of starting your own business, but you can’t find your niche or maybe you’re not sure what business is right for you.  A home based typing business is a legitimate, super easy and excellent way to make money working in the comfort of your very own home.  It doesn’t cost much to get started and if you can type at least 30 wpm, you could be on your way to being your own boss working at home in comfort.  You could be writing your business plan right now, carving out a window of time to devise your daily work schedule and oversee, from start to finish, the day-to-day operations of designing and building a real work at home business that you and your family can be proud of.  You can even work when you want to work and when you want to take the day off to attend an activity at your child’s school, the freedom and flexibility to re-arrange your schedule is in your hands. Working at home in comfort means knowing that you will be home when your children get home from school. It also means having peace of mind that your children will never have to come home to an empty house.  It means greeting your children at the school bus every day seeing them safely home serving them with a nutritious and tasty after-school snack that you can enjoy with your children.  Working at home in comfort means creating your own schedule as you design your business your way.  You can incorporate your own unique business strategies, goals and ideas to keep your business growing, breathing and thriving for as long as you’re in business.

How to Get Started Making Money Working from Home!

Getting your home based typing business up and running is easy.  Here is a list of what you’ll need to help you get started:

  • Business plan (write your business plan; make it clear and be concise; it could be one page or ten pages; it’s up to you; you can add to it as your business grows).
  • Typing skills (at least 30 wpm)
  • Telephone
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Typing paper
  • Flier

The potential for you to make $20 to $40 an hour typing is possible and right at your fingers tips. It’s easy to get up and running even if you are on a really tight or strict budget.  When I started my typing business, I didn’t have any money, but I didn’t let that stop me from starting my home based typing business.  Do you want to know what I did to get started?   I created and designed an attention grabbing flier that proved to be an instant success. I posted my flier at universities, libraries and super markets. I also handed my flier out to people on the street. The very next day I received a telephone call from a student who attended SJU in Philadelphia and I was on my way to typing his term paper which was a rush job. I also sent my flier via email to a few professors at another local college and I received a telephone from a professor who needed someone to transcribe 40 reports for his thesis. He sent me the tape electronically for me to test, and immediately after I transcribed one paragraph he hired me right then and there and sent me a check in the mail for $350. It was during the Christmas Season and what a nice gift to receive when I really needed it.  The professor and I developed an excellent working rapport and he didn’t mind paying me what I charged. So if you’re ready to make money at home in comfort you could be up and running today!

Setup your work at home office and make money

Here’s How You Can Make Money Typing at Home

Starting a typing or home-based secretarial business doesn’t require a lot of money and I’ve always believed that it is truly the perfect work at home business opportunity for stay at home moms. There are many work from home jobs for moms out there on the market, but some do require a lot of money. A work at home secretarial business is so easy to start because all you’ll need to start your work at home typing business is an attention grabbing flyer. If you look at and then compare a work at home typing business to any other work from home business, you’ll find that starting a secretarial business costs just pennies to start and yes, the rewards are beyond amazing! I started my home-based typing business with an awesome attention-grabbing flier that I created and designed myself which proved to be highly successful for my typing business. I use this same flier for my business today and it still works like a gem!

work at home in comfort typing

Work at Home in Comfort and Create a Life You’ll Love!

Are you ready to work at home in comfort for yourself and create a life you’ll love?  Are you ready to take the steps to open the doors to your home based typing business?  If you’ve answered yes, I can show you how and help you get started in easy steps to ensure your great work from home success.

My ebook, Moms in Business, Make Money Typing at Home, is packed with everything you need to help you start, promote, market and grow your work at home typing business; inspiration, business plans, marketing plans, marketing materials and more.  Prepare to enjoy all the benefits that come from being a work-from-home mother, be your own boss, plan your own schedule, work when you want to work and enjoy all the flexibility you need!  If you’re ready to begin your work at home journey and make money working at home in comfort click here to Get Started!

Here’s What You’re Going to Get in my Ebook!

  • You are going to learn how to design your business for long-lasting success
  • How to setup your home office
  • How to register your business with your state
  • My award-wining flier you can use over and over again!
  • How to work at home in comfort and make a lot of money
  • Business Tools You Can Use and more!

Get Started here for the great low price of $19.95 and take the steps to begin building a life you and your family will love and start making money with your home based typing business today or just click the BUY NOW button below and change your life today! 

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When you order my ebook, Make Money Typing at Home, you’re going to get my ebook, The Shopping Cart for free! My ebook contains all of your marketing materials including invoices, prices rate charts and everything you need to setup your business in no time at all!   Order your copy today and start making money typing at home in comfort!

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